One Long Distance Relationship.

Two Characters.

Two Episodes.

Two Directors.


You Pick Which To Watch First. 


Distance is about a couple in love that just happen to live very, very far from one another - Sam, a photographer in NY and Emily, a graduate student and urban farmer in LA.

Each episode of the show is split into two sides  - HIS and HERS (his directed by Jack Lawrence Mayer, hers directed by Carlyn Hudson). As you watch both sides of the story, you'll see the world of each individual as they weave in and out of each other's lives. And all those times they're together, you'll see those moments as each individual character sees them: through the lens of their subjective reality.

Love is hard. Long distance is even harder. 


Created By

Alex Dobrenko

Emily Is

Ashley Spillers

Sam Is

Alex Dobrenko




A Timeline...



Releasing Distance Season One

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Wrapped Production on Season One!

Seed & Spark Crowdfunding Campaign

Thanks to all of you, we raised over $20,000 for the first season!



New York TV Fest


Won Virgin Produced Choice Award

SXSW Film Festival

Screened as part of the Digital Domain Program